Leandra Rouse

For the last 15 years, Leandra has built her business with the goal of helping her clients find joy in health.

Leandra is a functional fitness trainer and culinary nutritionist who was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has over 15 years of experience developing unique wellness programs that help her clients find joy in their health.

Leandra has worked with top companies to develop engaging wellness content and education programs. This includes:

  • On-air media hosting as Lead Fitness Trainer for Fitbit Coach & resident Wellness Expert for Joyus.com.

  • Developing a “Le’ola Wellness” nutrition curriculum, currently used in the employee food programs at Airbnb, Asana, Green Heart Foods and Fare Resources.

  • Designing and operating corporate fitness and/or nutrition programs for companies such as Gap & Twitch.

  • Co-founding the baby formula company, bobbie baby.

  • Bringing in-home fitness training to San Francisco’s top executives.

  • Writing, producing and hosting wellness edutainment for video marketing campaigns, television and web series. Leandra has been featured on media sources such as Fitbit, Joyus, Cron4 San Francisco, Tipsy, Good Day Chicago and White Collar Brawler.

    When not behind the camera or coaching in the corporate kitchen, you can find her hiking the hills of Waimea, Hawaii with her daughter Coco Olena.

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To get you started, here are six rules to live by:

Eat food, mostly plants: The words of Michael Pollan ring true: by eating a diet that is made of real food, mostly plants, and not too much, you will be getting the nutrients your body needs to run beautifully each day.

Move daily: Habits take 21 days to form. For each day you opt out of exercise, it will take another two to get you back on the wagon. But by adding movement to your daily life, even in the form of a walk, you will be more likely to exercise regularly and be better equipped to push yourself.

Get passionate about your health: Health is a habit—what you do most of the time will reflect your health the rest of the time. Focus your energy on cultivating healthy habits in your life rather than wasting time and guilt on dieting.

Learn to cook: Food that is cooked in the home is leaner, has more nutrients, and puts you in the driver’s seat of your health.

Play more: Exercise can take many shapes, and the best kind is when you barely recognize you are doing it. Pick up healthy hobbies like dancing or cycling that let you enjoy life and take care of yourself, too.

Eat Seasonally: Seasonal food is tastier, more nutritious, and more affordable than your favorite things out of season. Learn to eat with the seasons to support your local food systems and keep your kitchen fresh!


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