Join me and (3,000 others) for October’s Unprocessed food challenge and help give your body a break from its toxic load! Processed food is dangerous for many reasons, but on a basic level it inhibits the body from digesting and absorbing the nutrients correctly.  Once a food has been processed, it has been altered from its organic form and our bodies have trouble identifying and utilizing the food.  A regular diet of unprocessed food has major repercussionon the body.  Here are a few:

CANCER – Some cancers are known to be caused by carcinogenic properties which are included in processing foods.

OBESITY – Processed foods are most often high in fat, sugar and salt. If counting food calories, these are the perfect ingredients to cause excessive weight gain.

HIGH CARB CONTENT – Most processed foods include an overabundance of carbohydrates and not nearly enough protein.

HEART DISEASE – The trans fat in many processed foods will spike the cholesterol level and lower the HDL.

HYPERTENSION – Blood pressure is elevated by the high salt and fat content in foods.

DIABETES – The high sugar products and fast acting carbohydrates will raise the glucose to unhealthy levels.

FOOD ADDITIVES AND UNKNOWN EFFECTS – For color, consistency, taste, shelf life and more, processed foods include additives while the effects are unknown.

UNKNOWN FILLERS – Several foods like hot dogs and processed meats are filled with unknown parts.

LACK OF NUTRIENTS – If processed foods are the main part of the diet, the body will be lacking the nutrients needed to fight disease.

ARTIFICIAL VITAMINS – Synthetic vitamins, which lose their potency during processing, are added to some processed foods like bread.

Join me this month and cleanse your body! You will loose weight, ease the burden on your liver and become more aware of what you put in your body! You can follow our progress here for daily updates, recipes and tips!

Heeeere weeee go!