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Eat protein for breakfast. Eggs, not oatmeal, give your brain the good fat it needs to function properly. Eggs will also help you boost your metabolism while keeping insulin levels low. That means more fat burning and less fat storing. Don’t like eggs? Try organic breakfast sausage and sautéed spinach or protein powder in a yummy shake.Keep your desk stocked.  By loading up your workspace with quick and healthy snacks, you can spend your time finishing that big project rather than daydreaming about the next meal. Shoot for protein and good fats for maximum brainpower: almond butter, apples, nuts, celery sticks, Lara Bars, string cheese, organic turkey jerky, fresh berries, Greek yogurt, etc. Skip carb loading lunch. Too many carbohydrates at lunchtime will leave you with a bad case of afternoon slumps. Carbohydrates of all kinds create a spike in your insulin and a crash in your blood sugar. If you plan on getting anything done after lunch, go for a lunch loaded up on lean meats, veggies, and less than a cup of whole grains or beans. Green caffeine boosts concentration. While one cup of coffee in the morning will get you going (followed by plenty of water, of course), it is not ideal for your digestion or your stress hormones. Try replacing your afternoon joe with a cup of green tea, which is proven to aid in concentration, boost the metabolism, and work to keep you looking young and vibrant. Eat more fat. While not all fats are created equal, healthy fats will bring better blood flow to the brain and improve mood and memory function. Omega 3’s are the closest thing to a miracle food for the mind, so stock up flax seeds, fish oils, coconut butter, avocado, and wild salmon. Add herbs to your diet.  Supplements like ginkgo, ginseng, and rosemary will improve your mental abilities.

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