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Pumpkin "Ice Cream"

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Pumpkin "Ice Cream"

Now that we are in the holiday season, sugar cravings are high.  Instead of breaking out the Christmas cookies early, use up the last of your Thanksgiving pie ingredients with this magically creamy pumpkin ice cream.  This delicious, guilt free, holiday dessert is vegan and very low in sugar.

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream


2 Frozen bananas (break into pieces before freezing.)

3 TBS Pumpkin Puree

Few splashes of Vanilla Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Or Cow Milk. (just enough to create a creamy consistency)

1/4tsp Ground Cinnamon & 1/4tsp Ground Clove (or substitute both cinnamon and clove with 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie mix. )


1 Tsp honey or maple syrup

2 Tsp. toasted pecans to garnish


Add the frozen bananas to a food processor or heavy duty blender.

Pulse a few times to break them up, then add the milk and blend until smooth (you may need more or less depending on the consistency your looking for.)

Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend slowly until it is mixed.

Dish up into ice cream bowls and serve immediately!

The Skinny

Having less sugar in you diet will improve your immune system, control your food cravings and promote healthy skin. Did you know that just one teaspoon of sugar, inhibits your immune system for 12 hrs?! If your someone who craves sweets, find creative ways around the habit.  When those cravings kick in, satiate the body with good fats instead.  Pumpkin "ice cream", apples with cinnamon, or 1 Tbs of almond butter are all good choices....

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