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These little balls of goodness were first introduced to me by a colleague at Bauman Collage.  On our final day of class she brought them in as gift and I reacted like a feign.  First a nibble, then a whole ball, then counting out my coco balls to be sure I had enough, followed my months of freezing/ rationing the rest.  You get the picture. You see, these totally raw, vegan balls struck a nostalgic cord from my girl-scout days past. They remind me of a Samoa cookie- but with all the right stuff. Make them, share them, freeze them and enjoy them without even a drop of girl scout induced guilt.

The Good Girl Scout INGREDIENTS coconut oil coconut flakes

equal parts dried dates dried Turkish apricots (not the bright orange ones) coconut butter

DIRECTIONS 1. Remove pits from the dates and cut dried fruit into rough pieces to make it easier for the food processor. 2. Mix dates, apricots and coconut butter then blend in a food processor in batches until evenly mixed and it looks darker and wet from the oils in the coconut butter. 3. Roll into small balls. Depending on the stickiness of your batch you may need to pack them together more than roll. Sometime batches are crumblier than others. 4. Store in the fridge for a couple hours to solidify. 5. Melt coconut oil and pour into a small dish like a measuring cup. Pour coconut flakes into another slightly larger small bowl. 6. Dip each date ball into the coconut oil then roll it in the coconut flakes. 7. I place them on wax paper as a go to allow the coconut oil time to solidify then store in the fridge again to harden.

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