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I have always loved Indian roti rolls and upon learning of the egg laden unda-style version, I have never looked back to my ways of ordering past.  Unda-style is when a egg (pre scrambled) is added to a hot skillet, let set (like an omelet), then topped with a piece of naan.  The result is an egg-y, crepe-like vehicle for transporting Indian food to mouth. Last month all of this changed. I came across a startling variation in one of my favorite cooking blogs 101 cookbooks, where the idea has been altered to substitute the naan, for a less dense carb- the tortilla.  Since then my I have made and remade this protein packed wrap with just about anything- tortillas, lavash, pita, sprouted bread, etc. and topped with whatever looks fresh in my refrigerator.

And upon completing this mornings, asparagus, spicy feta shallot version, I decided it was time to share.  Feast away friends and get ready to boost your breakfast

Asparagus Unda Wrap

Serves 1


1/4 shallot (thinly diced)

3 spears asparagus (sliced into 1 inch pieces)

1 handful of baby arugula or spinach.

1 Tbs Feta or goat cheese (I have been using Trader Jo's Chili Feta for a spicy kick)

2 eggs (scrambled and seasoned with S+P)

1 thin slice of whole wheat lavash flat bread, OR 1 side of a whole wheat pita pocket, OR whole wheat tortilla, etc.


1) Heating 1 tsp oil in pan add shallots and let soften (approx. 30 sec.) Add asparagus and season lightly with salt and pepper.)

2) Put the asparagus aside on a plate and add the scrambled eggs to your smallest sauce pan.  Swirl them in the pan to spread out evenly.  Let set about 1 min.

3) Add your bread/tortilla/ pita directly on top of the egg and give it about 30 seconds to bind.  Flip egg/ bread completely over without breaking or folding (bread-side down on the pan) and let set another 10-30 seconds.

4) During these last 30 seconds, place the asparagus, cheese and arugula back in the pan on top of your egg creation.  When cooked through, slide the whole thing on to the plate, roll and devour.

*What variations have you tried?

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