A safe, gentle and effective two-week detox that eliminates bad bacteria in the gut, a common source of toxicity. This healthy reboot will leave you feeling lighter, energized and more vital than ever.

Program Goals

  • Supply nutrients to boost your natural detox process
  • Remove irritants and harmful foods
  • Balance and promote healthy gut bacteria
  • Increase energy and mental clarity
  • Reset appetite and encourage weight loss

One Week Before Starting

  • Reduce caffeine by cutting down your intake every day until you have stopped altogether.
  • Reduce alcohol, sugar and processed foods.
  • Avoid bingeing before you start your detox as this will only make you feel worse.

The Cleanse Plan

  • 2 Shakes a day • early morning • Lunch OR Dinner
  • Mix your shake packet with 8-12 oz water or blend with nut milks as you would a smoothie.
  • Have your one meal a day be a light lunch or dinner.
  • Take 2 packets of supplements a day • one with each meal.

Cleanse Ingredients

  • Natural fiber from fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds & tree extracts
  • American grown yellow pea protein (non-GMO)
  • Herbs to energize your detox organs
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics to promote good gut bacteria
  • Herbal anti-microbials to combat bad gut bacteria
  • Digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient availability
  • Vitamins & minerals for extra nutritional support whilst cleansing
  • Glutamine to manage sugar cravings