Client Success and Testimonials

We are grateful to be called “part of the team” for several of the world’s most innovative companies. By blending executive health coaching and training and creating unique, full-scale nutrition programs, we strive to help individuals and businesses find their third metric of success: well-being.


Gabriel Cole, Culinary Curator, Airbnb

“I've been in and out of corporate food service for ten years, and the industry as a whole for twenty. It's rare to work with someone as gifted at what they do as Leandra is. I've worked with countless nutritionists and health practitioners and have found some great professionals along the way. None of them compare to the combination of tact and skill that Leandra brings to the table.

Le'ola was a game changer for us at Airbnb. We had always had a focus on nutrition and wellness but didn't truly know what that meant until contracting with her to educate our chefs and entire culinary team on various aspects of health awareness and execution. She was an amazing listener, teacher, advocate, ally and guide. She is that unique mix of talent able to connect with Executives, dishwashers, and the often know-it-all chefs. She practices patience, purpose and clarity. I can't recommend her highly enough.”


Gina Pell, CEO, Founder Splendora. com

“Leandra is a perfect combination of challenge and charm. She keeps our workouts fresh and fun with a mix of cardio, TRX, strength training, Pilates, yoga, hill sprints, stairs, and more. I see her 3x per week and I’m never bored. I look forward to every workout especially since I’m really starting to see results after only 10 sessions. What makes Leandra such a great trainer is that she knows how to push you to the edge of your physical limits but never past it so that you get discouraged, frustrated, or worse, injured. And by pushing me to give my best in every session, it allows me to see how I am improving—getting stronger and faster from one week to the next. The fact that she’s also cool and fun to be around is also an added bonus!”


Cathrine Madison

“My daughter and I wanted to take a class together and learn a life skill. We decided to find out more about nutrition and learning about ways to eat healthier. Leandra Rouse was recommended by a friend and helped us understand our eating habits, and improve our understanding of our personal eating habits as they pertain to nutrition. At the same time, we learned some valuable practical cooking suggestions! Leandra came to our home and showed us how to cook healthy snacks from scratch, which was so much fun and very yummy. Leandra combines the understanding of a variety of health issues without judgment and comes with a tool belt full of ideas, motivation, and practical suggestions for busy lives. We couldn’t be more pleased to recommend Leandra to our friends, and we actually have!”


Diana M.

“I began seeing Leandra as my nutritionist per a recommendation from one of my doctors. My biggest problem was I constantly felt tired and sluggish, and my doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on. Leandra was able to put the puzzle pieces together and began forming a program for me that would eventually transition me into becoming a gluten-free person. She was very thorough in her analysis, and working with my dietary preferences, and always presented it to me as a trial basis that can be adjusted if things were not working for me. As time went on, I began to have more energy and willingness to exercise, and asked Leandra to work with me as my personal trainer. The attention to detail that I saw when using Leandra as a nutritionist definitely reiterated itself when she became my personal trainer. She pushes me to become a stronger individual, while listening to what is going on with my body and adjusting as needed. No session is exactly the same, and they are all located outside in a fun, non-judgmental environment. I couldn’t ask for a better person to help me take better care of myself than Leandra, and while I am a client of hers, I definitely feel like she is a trusted friend who looks out for me!”



"THANK YOU!! You have been so amazing! Over the past six weeks of my life, my muscles never felt so sore and achy, my lungs have not stopped cursing my body—and also, I’ve never felt better, stronger, happier. Training with you has been the most challenging and most rewarding endeavor I’ve taken on this year. And although I was whinnying and weak and some times feeling “puke-y,” you were EVER SO PATIENT. Thank you!"


Donnie Thompson, Executive Chef, Asana

“At Asana we know our culinary program is serving healthy food, but we needed to send a clear message to the entire team. Le'ola Wellness created a dynamic nutrition program that includes strategy around building our Asana Culinary brand, and a communication process using signage, and media to tell story behind the amazing food. Leandra provides our chef team with the nutritional facts and current data in an accessible way, so that they can integrate into their meal service and personal lives.

Leandra and her team brings an enthusiastic and professional approach to health and wellness. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to see and gets our team fired up to eat right and get outside to exercise.

As an Executive Chef I would highly recommend Le'ola Wellness as extremely positive addition to your culinary program. The deep nutrition knowledge and experience is a key part to grow a strong and balanced food program.”


Janet Rivett- Carnac, VP International Sourcing, Gap

I have worked with Leandra as my personal trainer for almost two years, meeting twice a week, and she has transformed my life. During that time I had a double knee replacement and she helped prepare me for the surgery, reading and learning about what it entailed and how to prepare for it, and attending a medical briefing session with me. Post surgery she diligently continued to learn how to support my physical therapy, at the same time focusing on interval training to assist in controlling weight. My physical therapist is full of praise for her tenacity and competency in complementing this work.

I could share many reasons why I recommend Leandra without reservation, but have chosen this to demonstrate her professional integrity, commitment to continuous learning, and openness to new experiences. I have no doubt that these, combined with her ability to engage at every level, her empathetic nature and the ability to inject fun into the more serious challenge, will ensure her success in the future.


Kate Aiken, SVP Human Resources, McKesson

“I reached out to Leandra to ask her help in creating a creative, inspiring 1.5 day team offsite. We needed to “launch” our team and I wanted to send a strong message about the value of a happy, energized and dynamic work environment. Leandra helped me brainstorm options for the 1.5 days, put structure to the ideas, design the agenda, and pull in additional partners to bring it to life. She was fully present and engaged throughout our meeting, and served as a professional, external “set of hands” to ensure that everything ran smoothly, from agenda to logistics. As a leader, I was able to relax and participate with my team, knowing that Leandra was helping to manage and get us to the right outcomes. She served as a personal inspiration to the team, as well – bringing her own healthy, holistic, happy perspective to the room. I highly recommend Leandra to leaders seeking an alternative to the “same-old” offsite approach.”

Sasha Sanchez

“I knew before that eating better can make you feel better during your day but didn’t quite realize the extent of it until the cleanse. For me, the weight loss was a given obviously, but the level of my energy, how clear I was thinking, my alertness to my surroundings and work, and my overall mood improved immensely. Also, I had some trouble sleeping before the cleanse. I have to believe because of the cleanse that your diet will manifest itself through insomnia. I was getting the best sleep of my life. On the Paleo diet, you’re forced to read labels, so I quickly was made aware of all the chemicals I was consuming day in and day out. However, it wasn’t an easy 14 days, especially the first week—however I’m not sure I may have been as successful or motivated without the unrelenting guidance and expertise Leandra provided. She was great at preparing us before the cleanse started, provided helpful tips on meals, snack alternatives, and how to manage the shift in moods (and this will happen). Her positive attitude, encouragement, and feedback were crucial especially in the beginning. She worked with you and let you know there are options and that a cleanse does not need to be treated as such a regimented two weeks and can actually be fun! This cleanse shifted the way I viewed food and diet, which initially was mostly just to get through the day. It reset my body and mind. Once you get over the hump, you truly start to enjoy your cleanse because you get addicted to how good you feel and how much more you can offer to yourself and others. Bottom line is that the cleanse changed my life.”


Ivana Savic

“The cleanse was an interesting experience that really helped me change many unhealthy habits in my life. I say interesting because limiting my food intake and monitoring exactly what I eat is not something I ever do, but with this cleanse and Leandra’s guidance, my energy and view of food changed in a positive way. It was difficult in the beginning removing caffeine, sugars, and especially bread, but what helped me the most was Leandra’s advice on substitutes that helped my body feel as though it was getting the sweets and carbs that I craved. Her daily tips helped me in preparing the appropriate meals and snacks, but more importantly, her encouragement and the fact that she understood through experience the difficulties of changing your eating habits really helped continue forward each day of the cleanse. I trust Leandra intrinsically when it comes to health and fitness and thank her for the help and encouragement!”